Friday, January 28, 2011

Heading Out

Finally got my papers, and I fly out tomorrow night for Dubai. It's a thirteen hour flight, which leaves at 1o:30 PM tomorrow evening, however, due to time zones crossed, I will arrive in Dubai at 8:30 PM the following day. Talk about screwing up the old internal clock :) The company will then put me up in a nice hotel, for less than twelve hours, before I catch another four or five hour flight into Bagram Air Base, in Afghanistan, where I will spend the next year of my life.

Wow, sounds kind of weird when you say it like that. I'm hoping it passes quickly. I already feel a little regret at the things I will miss in the lives of my wife and daughters. However, the things I will see and experience seem very promising. In addition to the forensics work I was hired to do originally, it looks like I will be involved in training members of the Afghan National Police in aspects of Crime Scene Investigation, Firearms Examination, and basic Forensics. I've never taught before, so this should be an interesting experience. Hopefully, my passion for Forensics will make up for any shortfalls I might have as a teacher.

I'm still kind of mind-boggled at the opportunity I have here. I don't know how or why I was selected from among all of the other applicants, but I am certainly thankful. I look forward to finally being able to do the job I'm getting paid for.

I think that posting will be lite, but who knows, with less distractions(i.e. beer), I may actually get more posting done while I'm over there. I should certainly have a large pool of things to post about.

Anyway, I'm heading out tomorrow. Hope you're all doing well. Stay safe.



Borepatch said...

Good luck and stay safe, Casey.

Beat And Release said...

Will be awaiting any updates. Be safe.