Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Weather is an interesting phenomenon, the way it changes so quickly and fluidly is just amazing.

Yesterday, as I was leaving work to pick my daughter up from daycare, I glanced at the little temperature/direction display in my car, and noticed that it had just reached 103 degrees Fahrenheit. Pretty hot, especially when the humidity is hovering in the upper eighties to low nineties, percentage wise. Then, about halfway to daycare, a brief rain squall hit. Nothing major, I probably only drove through about two hundred yards of it, but I could see where it had been traveling along the road I was on for a mile or two, as it was still wet. I reached the low point in the road about a mile and a half past the rain squall, and glanced at the temperature readout, it said 88 degrees.

Now, that's a temperature drop of of 15 degrees over the course of a mile or so, based solely on rainfall cooling things down. I continued on, and as the pavement dried out, the temperature crept back up, until it was 101 again when I picked up my daughter.

I thought that a 15 degree drop was pretty amazing, and while it was, it was not the most dramatic I was to see that night. Storms started blowing in at about 7 - 7:30 PM last night. I was standing outside having a smoke when the wind started to pick up, and glanced at the outdoor thermometer, it read 98 degrees. The storm hit, the bottom dropped out, and we had an enjoyable evening watching the lightning storm in the distance, and watching our power flicker when a particularly strong bolt hit nearby.

About thirty minutes later, the rain was done, and the wind had settled down, so I decided it was time to take the desperate dogs outside so that they could do their business. I glanced at the thermometer again, just out of habit, and it read 66 degrees. Now that's a 32 degree drop in as many minutes, and the wind seemed to blow away a lot of the humidity.

In the space of 30 minutes, we went from a sweltering hot sauna feeling, to a wonderfully cool and brisk evening. If only all the porch furniture wasn't dripping wet, we could've sat outside and enjoyed the last vestiges of a glorious sunset against the clouds.

They've called for another broiler today, triple digits again, we can only hope for the fluid beauty of change in the weather for tonight. I guess we'll have to wait and see...

Hope you're enjoying the weather wherever you may be....


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