Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Obama < black

So I read an interesting article today. One of those "forward to everyone you know" e-mails came my way today, and it was talking about all of the things Senator Obama claims that are untrue. Supposedly the e-mail came out through something to do with Billy Graham. I don't know if that's true or not, but one of the things mentioned got me to thinking, and to doing a little digging.

Everyone points to Obama as the first black man to get the Democratic party's nomination for POTUS. Turns out, he's not black. At least not by US Law. I forget the exact statute, look it up if you're feeling energetic, but it requires someone to have a minimum amount of a certain, ethnic bloodline to claim minority status. 12.5% if I remember correctly, something like 1/8th of your lineage. So if your great grandfather is asian, and none of the rest of your family is, you can still claim to be asian and receive minority status. If the only asian one in you family, is a great-great-grandparent, or farther away, you're out of luck.

That would actually be the case with Senator Obama. He has a great-great-grandparent that was a black Kenyan. Other than that, everyone on his mother's side is caucasian, and everyone on his father's side, excepting that one great-great-grandparent is Arabic. So that makes Senator Obama 50% Caucasian, 43.75% Arabic, and 6.25% Black Kenyan.

According to the laws of the USA, he's not a black man, or an African American, or whatever politically correct moniker you want to apply, he just doesn't qualify. He would however, qualify to call himself a white man, since his majority ethnicity is caucasian, or, if he's looking for minority status, he would qualify to be called an Arabic-American. Hmm, probably not a good choice given the current climate post-9/11.

Odd what you can find out given a few minutes searching, and actually questioning the drivel being spouted at you by the media. Even I myself accepted it without question, until someone pointed out that all might not be as it seems. At that point, finding the truth was simple.

Don't be sheeple. I urge you to question everything, and find out the truth for yourself. How many more truths will we find with a bit more searching? Too bad the media probably isn't interested in these truths .


Monday, October 20, 2008


Does brainwashing really count, if the person 'alleged' to be brainwashed is a two year old child? Is it really even brainwashing if she has just somehow picked up on some of Daddy's political leanings?

Over dinner this evening, my wife began talking about Colin Powell's support for Senator Obama. I know, I know, a dark time in history when Colin Powell abandons his morals and turns his back on his country to support someone with some distinctly un-American leanings, but I digress. Anyway, my wife is talking about the retired generals endorsement, and mentions Senator Obama's name.

At which point, my young daughter puts a stern look on her face, points at my wife, and while shaking her finger says "NoBama!!.........BAD Bama!!!" As my wife is looking at me in mingled horror and disgust, my little one giggles a bit, and concludes with "Silly Bama", and another giggle.

I am just about to bust out laughing, when I feel the skin on the side of my face starting to bubble and peel......uh-oh......I am apparently on the receiving end of "The Look". My wife, a supporter of the senator from Chicago, is just the teeniest bit upset, and of course, blames me. Is it my fault that I end up being the one to take my girls to day care, and pick them up in the afternoon. So I happen to be listening to a news show, and voice my opinions, somewhat strongly. Is that a crime? Is it a crime that a mans children cleave to his own views and not those of his wife?

I may have to sleep on the couch tonight, but screw it. I'm taking what I can get, while I can get it. Think I can talk the poll workers into letting my two year old vote? What about the five month old? I want to do more than just balance out my wife's vote for the Socialissiah, and maybe edge one over for the good guys. Even if the girls only got a half vote each, that's be one for our side :)


Sunday, October 19, 2008


Now I know, Wally World is 'teh debil' and all that. Killing small businesses, and ruining small downtowns across America, but sometimes, you just have to go in there. Whether it's convenience, or it's the closest store, or it's the only place still open, or it's the only place you can get everything you need.

I gotta say, I went into our local Wal-Mart Saturday afternoon, and feel quite good about my experience. I walked up to the register with a couple of jars of baby food, for the little one, a bag of Ol Roy's version of milkbones for the dogs, a tub of Brummel & Brown, a kind of margarine alternative made with yogurt or some such(the Wife likes it), a case of beer for myself, a pack of CO2 cartridges because I found an old BB pistol that uses them, and am going to try and clean it up and get it working again, and finally, a 100-round brick Winchester White-Box of .40 S&W, to use in a shoot I'm competing in this week. The girl at the register never batted an eye as she rung up the purchases. Where else can you buy beer, baby food, and ammunition, all at the same time?

Now I generally prefer to patronize the small businesses, and help keep them afloat, but this was definitely a fun excursion. While I won't recommend you spend all you rmoney at Wally World, it's definitely worth the occasional trip, just for the uniqueness of your purchasing power there.....


Thursday, October 16, 2008


Everyone lately seems to be questioning Senator Obama's 'relationship' with William Ayers. Heck, it's been all over the national news, and was even brought up in the debate last night. My question is, who cares? So he had a minor association with an extremist, 20+ years after the fact of the guys extremist activities. Is it right? No. In the larger scheme of things, is it all that important? Once again, I'd say no.

If we're going to start asking questions about who people have associated with, let's get to the real meat and potatoes of the issue. Senator Obama, tell me about your relationship with Frank Marshall Davis. I understand he was one of, if not your first, mentors, and was almost a surrogate father to you. You must have learned quite a bit from him....... Mr. Davis......... The registered Communist..... So did his communist values and ideology influence you, or shape the way you view the world? What about Saul Alinsky? The noted Marxist. I understand you've had a relationship with him and that 'foundation' of his. How does Marxism influence you and your views of the world?

I tell you people, folks are getting stuck on the little things, and missing the broader picture. The man was practically raised by a Communist, and friendly with a Marxist. Now go back and look at his 'plans' for the country. The legislation he wants to pass. The things he wants to give to the people. In the broader light, they seem to have a distinct Socialist flavor to them. That's what scares me folks. Anyone can plainly see that over the years, we've been sliding more and more towards Socialism, and the nanny state. Hell, look at California, they're ahead of the rest of us on that slide, but seem to be enjoying it instead of resisting it.

Now I'm not saying we'll immediately go to a striated class system and 'Big Brother' monitoring your thoughts, but that's the direction we seem to be heading, what with more and more restrictions on what you can or can't own, say, or do, and Senator Obama would, it appears, love to give us a big shove on the slippery slope of Socialism.

Those are my thoughts, and they're worth exactly what you paid for them. Just keep in mind that this upcoming election is going to be tight. Third party candidates are going to make or break the campaigns. Even if you don't wholly agree with Senator McCain and Governor Palin, at least you know where they stand on individual freedoms.

Plus, I'm a working stiff. The more freebies Senator Obama succeeds in handing out, the harder I'm going to have to work. The people who don't want to work, and instead, live off of the government dime, will be funded by ever increasing chunks of taxes coming out of my paycheck, and others who have to work. Think about that the next time Senator Obama says he won't raise your taxes, and in the next breath, talks about government funded health care and free college educations for everyone. Where do you think he's going to get the money for those pipe dreams? That's right, your wallet.



Wednesday, October 15, 2008


One of the perks about my job is the fact that I get to write my own warrants. Granted, it has to be approved by a supervisor, but I'm not generally going to take anything to a supervisor that's not ready for approval. If one of my knuckleheads is acting up, and getting involved with local law enforcement, I obtain a copy of the incident report, and use it as a basis for a Probable Cause warrant for a violation of whatever flavor of probation or parole they happen to be out on.

Reading the incident reports is always fun. I've got one stuck in my head right now, that I thought I'd share. Knucklehead 1.0 is at a party, and he's drinking, imagine that. After a few drinks, Knucklehead 1.0 gets a little on the belligerent side, starts cursing people, shouting, and generally being obnoxious. 911 is called, and a Sheriff's Deputy responds to the scene, where Knucklehead 1.0 is ready to escalate. He's now ready to argue with the Deputy. Arguing, not so much an issue, cops are used to people trying to argue with them. However, then the threats start, with Knucklehead 1.0 daring the Deputy to take off his badge and fight him like a man. Knucklehead 1.0 even goes so far as to try and shove the Deputy and takes a swing at him. Herein comes the best part of the incident report, and I quote:

" which point I placed hands on the subject, and assisted him to the ground..."

That just absolutely kicked over my giggle box. I'm snickering even now just trying to envision the chain of events that ended with Knucklehead 1.0 being 'assisted' to the ground. Props have to go out to the Deputy that authored that particular report, as it appears to be quite factually accurate, and worthy of any legal department's praise. You mention it to anyone who's ever gone hands on with a stumbling drunk, and they'll nod their heads in agreement that, yes, he did assist him to the ground. Then they'll promptly snort as they try to picture it in their heads.

Ah well, back to reading incident reports. Unfortunately, they don't all have little gems in them.


Tuesday, October 7, 2008


I'm somewhat known for being a bit of a talker. I have opinions, and am not afraid to share them. I'm also known as being a fairly knowledgeable guy, on a variety of topics. I often have people coming up to ask me what i might know about this or that subject. Topics ranging from ammunition to zebras. Not that I would consider myself an expert on most topics, but I like to learn new things, and am not afraid to ask questions, or do a little reading on my own to learn what I can about whatever happens to strike my fancy at a given moment.

So being a knowledgeable person, and a somewhat talkative person, why is it that I find it hard to blog about things?

It's not that there's nothing to talk about, there are an endless variety of things going on that make interesting conversation. I read blogs written by people like Brigid, and am sometimes stunned by the eloquence with which she relates stories on a variety of topics. Then I read Tam and find myself choking as I try not to spew my coffee on the keyboard. Then there's Xavier, who seems to have more wisdom tucked away than most people you could ever hope to run into.

Now, I don't claim to be anywhere near the level of those guys when it comes to knowledge, but I know a bit, even on subjects they discuss with frequency. So why is it that I can't squeeze out a post or three a week, when they're churning out material that could easily be compiled into a best selling book?

I check my homepage and see the last post from several weeks ago staring at me, almost accusingly. As if it's asking me why I have neglected my poor little blog. To be honest, I don't know, but I'm going to try and change it a bit from here on out.

I am going to make a resolution to try and get at least one post up every week. It will certainly not be at the level of some of the aforementioned writers, but I'll try to get more than just a "heyhowyadoin" post thrown in there.

Anyway, I hope everyone is doing well, and I'll see you in the next post.

Now, what to write about.....