Sunday, October 19, 2008


Now I know, Wally World is 'teh debil' and all that. Killing small businesses, and ruining small downtowns across America, but sometimes, you just have to go in there. Whether it's convenience, or it's the closest store, or it's the only place still open, or it's the only place you can get everything you need.

I gotta say, I went into our local Wal-Mart Saturday afternoon, and feel quite good about my experience. I walked up to the register with a couple of jars of baby food, for the little one, a bag of Ol Roy's version of milkbones for the dogs, a tub of Brummel & Brown, a kind of margarine alternative made with yogurt or some such(the Wife likes it), a case of beer for myself, a pack of CO2 cartridges because I found an old BB pistol that uses them, and am going to try and clean it up and get it working again, and finally, a 100-round brick Winchester White-Box of .40 S&W, to use in a shoot I'm competing in this week. The girl at the register never batted an eye as she rung up the purchases. Where else can you buy beer, baby food, and ammunition, all at the same time?

Now I generally prefer to patronize the small businesses, and help keep them afloat, but this was definitely a fun excursion. While I won't recommend you spend all you rmoney at Wally World, it's definitely worth the occasional trip, just for the uniqueness of your purchasing power there.....


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