Thursday, October 16, 2008


Everyone lately seems to be questioning Senator Obama's 'relationship' with William Ayers. Heck, it's been all over the national news, and was even brought up in the debate last night. My question is, who cares? So he had a minor association with an extremist, 20+ years after the fact of the guys extremist activities. Is it right? No. In the larger scheme of things, is it all that important? Once again, I'd say no.

If we're going to start asking questions about who people have associated with, let's get to the real meat and potatoes of the issue. Senator Obama, tell me about your relationship with Frank Marshall Davis. I understand he was one of, if not your first, mentors, and was almost a surrogate father to you. You must have learned quite a bit from him....... Mr. Davis......... The registered Communist..... So did his communist values and ideology influence you, or shape the way you view the world? What about Saul Alinsky? The noted Marxist. I understand you've had a relationship with him and that 'foundation' of his. How does Marxism influence you and your views of the world?

I tell you people, folks are getting stuck on the little things, and missing the broader picture. The man was practically raised by a Communist, and friendly with a Marxist. Now go back and look at his 'plans' for the country. The legislation he wants to pass. The things he wants to give to the people. In the broader light, they seem to have a distinct Socialist flavor to them. That's what scares me folks. Anyone can plainly see that over the years, we've been sliding more and more towards Socialism, and the nanny state. Hell, look at California, they're ahead of the rest of us on that slide, but seem to be enjoying it instead of resisting it.

Now I'm not saying we'll immediately go to a striated class system and 'Big Brother' monitoring your thoughts, but that's the direction we seem to be heading, what with more and more restrictions on what you can or can't own, say, or do, and Senator Obama would, it appears, love to give us a big shove on the slippery slope of Socialism.

Those are my thoughts, and they're worth exactly what you paid for them. Just keep in mind that this upcoming election is going to be tight. Third party candidates are going to make or break the campaigns. Even if you don't wholly agree with Senator McCain and Governor Palin, at least you know where they stand on individual freedoms.

Plus, I'm a working stiff. The more freebies Senator Obama succeeds in handing out, the harder I'm going to have to work. The people who don't want to work, and instead, live off of the government dime, will be funded by ever increasing chunks of taxes coming out of my paycheck, and others who have to work. Think about that the next time Senator Obama says he won't raise your taxes, and in the next breath, talks about government funded health care and free college educations for everyone. Where do you think he's going to get the money for those pipe dreams? That's right, your wallet.



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