Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Obama < black

So I read an interesting article today. One of those "forward to everyone you know" e-mails came my way today, and it was talking about all of the things Senator Obama claims that are untrue. Supposedly the e-mail came out through something to do with Billy Graham. I don't know if that's true or not, but one of the things mentioned got me to thinking, and to doing a little digging.

Everyone points to Obama as the first black man to get the Democratic party's nomination for POTUS. Turns out, he's not black. At least not by US Law. I forget the exact statute, look it up if you're feeling energetic, but it requires someone to have a minimum amount of a certain, ethnic bloodline to claim minority status. 12.5% if I remember correctly, something like 1/8th of your lineage. So if your great grandfather is asian, and none of the rest of your family is, you can still claim to be asian and receive minority status. If the only asian one in you family, is a great-great-grandparent, or farther away, you're out of luck.

That would actually be the case with Senator Obama. He has a great-great-grandparent that was a black Kenyan. Other than that, everyone on his mother's side is caucasian, and everyone on his father's side, excepting that one great-great-grandparent is Arabic. So that makes Senator Obama 50% Caucasian, 43.75% Arabic, and 6.25% Black Kenyan.

According to the laws of the USA, he's not a black man, or an African American, or whatever politically correct moniker you want to apply, he just doesn't qualify. He would however, qualify to call himself a white man, since his majority ethnicity is caucasian, or, if he's looking for minority status, he would qualify to be called an Arabic-American. Hmm, probably not a good choice given the current climate post-9/11.

Odd what you can find out given a few minutes searching, and actually questioning the drivel being spouted at you by the media. Even I myself accepted it without question, until someone pointed out that all might not be as it seems. At that point, finding the truth was simple.

Don't be sheeple. I urge you to question everything, and find out the truth for yourself. How many more truths will we find with a bit more searching? Too bad the media probably isn't interested in these truths .


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