Monday, January 12, 2009


OK, so apparently, I'm not out of the anger phase yet. Here I thought I was moving on. I was calm, and talking with people at work this morning. Everything was going smoothly until after lunch sometime. I needed to get some paperwork done before a hearing I have scheduled for Wednesday. Before I left last week, the file was on my desk. Sometime during the three days I was gone, someone picked up the file from my desk, for whatever reason, and ended up putting it in the file room, in the stack of files waiting to be filed back into the cabinets.

Now normally, this is no big deal. Today however, it just set me off. That someone would deliberately remove something from my desk, without speaking to me about it, or at least leaving me a note. Then, to not return it to where it was taken from, and to leave it in a stack of files to be replaced by a third person.

I was absolutely raging. People were walking by and shooting sidelong glances at me, wondering if they needed to call the guys in the clean white coats. Several even commented on how tense I looked.

Normally such a thing would not affect me like this.

Guess I'm still stuck in Angry.

Anyone know how long this lasts?


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