Friday, August 14, 2009

What we do...

Ranked in order on the Fun-O-Meter :)

My friend and partner, the Gunslinger, has an fun post up listing the things we do, in order of how much fun they are, most to least. I'd have to say I agree with his ranking, except for maybe the time spent in Court. I would move it up in the rankings a couple of notches, being, in my mind, more fun than Office Duty, or Reports. However, I also have a slightly different law enforcement background, that had me in a shirt and tie daily, and dealing with judges on a regular basis, so it doesn't really bother me. The only bad thing about court, is the down time, waiting for your case to be called, so you can present the State's side, and hopefully get a knuckle-head sent down the road and off of your caseload.

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Crucis said...

You mean you don't carry that standard accessory---a paperback book? I've spent a lot of time waiting for one thing or another. I'm always prepared. Last time I was in the jury pool, I went through three pbs.

Casey said...

I do carry a couple of magazines in my briefcase, but I can only read those prior to the Judge showing up and court beginning. When we do Revocation hearings, the agents, including myself, actually take up residence in the jury box. The courtroom is full of offenders and their families, so we make do with the Jury Box, and the Prosecution table. All of the PDs and paid attorneys cluster around the defense table, and we try to churn through them quickly. I may be taking anywhere from 3 to 15 cases on one day, and therefore have to be paying attention for when my cases are called. We also have to fill out the paperwork for the orders the Judge gives, whether it be continuation, or revocation. They like to have that done and ready for their signatures prior to leaving the courtroom, so we're usually all madly scribbling away. We also lend a hand to other agents who might get called with people back to back, and don't have time to get their paperwork done in between.

So no reading while we're actually in session, just prior to. Usually a bit of that to do since I've only been to court once on a Revocation day, where the judge showed up and was ready to go at 9 AM. Generally it's closer to 10 AM, and we've had them start after 11Am on occasion :/