Saturday, October 31, 2009


Hope everyone is having a safe and happy Halloween!!

I have ended up being one of the Lucky 14! Well, not so much lucky, as unlucky. I don't get to spend this evening taking my kids out trick or treating, because I've drawn duty for tonight.

I don't hold such a big beef with it, because of what the duty itself is. I'll spend the next four hours or so, driving around the county, and knocking on doors of Sex Offenders houses. Our teams will be all over our county, as well as teams from every other county in the state doing the same thing in their counties. We'll all be out making sure that the Sex Offenders are in their houses, porch lights off, and no bowls of candy to entice small children into their homes.

So, since I'm going to be out there trying to make it a safer place for my kids, as well as every other kid in the area I'm assigned to, I think I'll do this duty without even complaining.(well, maybe just a little complaining, what's work without some bitching? :P )

As I said above, I hope you and yours are enjoying the holiday, and keeping it safe. I hope that it goes without saying not to let the little ones at the candy until after you've looked it over.

Happy Halloween!!



Anonymous said...

Be safe and Thanks!!

Crucis said...

There is one known offender in our neighborhood. A few parents decided to park themselves in front of his house Saturday night. All went well and quietly. Never saw any LEOs driving by so they said.

Casey said...

I did a quick check of your laws Crucis, and I don't see anything about Halloween curfews in it. You might want to contact your local office of Probation and Parole to see if there is one. If not, you might want to lobby someone to get that enacted.

Here, we don't get to just do a drive by, we have to physically make contact with the offender, and make sure they are in their house, porch lights out, and no bowls of candy near the door from 5 PM to 9 PM on Halloween. I believe it's legislated that way. So we end up sending a lot of teams out, so that we can make multiple checks on each offender during the curfew hours. We've had them in the past that thought they were good after we left, and turned on the porch lights and put out the candy, only to be greeted by by a PPP Agent with handcuffs when they answered the doorbell expecting Trick or Treaters :)