Monday, June 15, 2009

Thoughts and Prayers

This is a little odd for me, but I'm going to ask for your thoughts and prayers for several of my co-workers.

We were participating in a joint operation today, when one of our teams was involved in a pretty bad wreck. A Sheriff's Deputy, and one of our Agents were treated and released from the hospital today, however, we have two more Agents still in the hospital. One in ICU under close observation, and the other in a drug induced coma until such time as the surgeons think they can actually get in there and do something. All because someone thought they had enough room to make that left-hand turn against oncoming traffic.

I'd like to ask not only for your thoughts and prayers for the Agents still in the hospital, and their families, but for the Agent and Deputy who were released, who were able to walk away, while their fellow officers were not. God help me, but I hope not never have to go through what the driver of the unit is going through now. Questioning whether or not something could have been done to prevent the two being in the hospital right now.

I had some posts I'd been working on, but right now just doesn't seem like a good time for them. I hope everyone out there stays safe, and for Pete's sake, turn the cell phone off and focus on what you're doing when you're on the road.


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Rev. Paul said...

Casey, we're praying. Take care of yourself, too.