Wednesday, June 3, 2009


So I'm headed to let the dogs out one last time before I go to bed this evening, and what do you think I find when I step out of the front door?

I'm not even going to give you a guess...

Laying across my smoking table no less!! Well, it used to be just my smoking table, as can be attested to by the several pipes, and butts of cigarettes in the ashtray. Don't get excited, I've been rolling my own cigarettes for longer than most of our interns have been alive, those a butts, not roaches. However, one might also note the bottle of bubble blowing stuff, as well as a big blue bubble blower thingie. My smoking table is quickly being taken over by my two year old. No doubt I'll have to find a new place for my various, tobacco-related paraphernalia, just to keep little hands out of it.

I really don't know what this snake's deal is. I can only assume it's trying to get higher, to get closer to the hanging fern basket that has the little baby birds in it. The Wrens actually chose a nice spot in the fern basket, as I don't think the snake can get to it at all, and it's sheltered from rain and direct sunlight. However, the snake is starting to get on my nerves. It's extremely disconcerting to reach for a lighter and come within a few inches of grabbing several feet of snake.

I do enjoy having the black snake around, just not quite so in my face.

Oh well, I guess no snake-free day today.


PS- I do actually blog about things other than snakes. I had a really great experience today that I intend to relate. Very manly. Lots of adrenaline, testosterone, guys with guns and even an explosion or two. I just need time to get it sorted out, maybe I can get a few snake free days to sit down and collect my thoughts in the near future.


Hampton's Redshirt said...

we try to encourage some "wild" canadian geese to stay around our place - this year they nested and one evening i heard them fussing and carrying on and there was a snake - twin to this one at the nest and the goose was beating him with her wings and threw him into the air a coupe of times - ran him off - a week later they hollerd for help again and i went down there and the snake had come through the bottom of the nest and was coiled among the eggs - ordinarily i would not harm a snake like this - but i would rather have the geese - so i blowed he head off and uncoiled his body from the nest - the first time i have ever killed a black snake - but necessary i think

Brigid said...

We don't have too many snakes around here, that's I've seen anyway. I don't mind them, but get a teeny tiny spider near me and I start acting like a girl.

"kill it kill it eekkk!". Yeah. . embarrassing.