Friday, April 9, 2010


It seems I've managed to catch Tam's eye. A warm welcome to all new visitors.

I'm, Casey, and this is my blog(sounds a bit like a twelve-step program, doesn't it?).

Feel free to poke around and see if there's anything you like. This blog has ended up being a bit more eclectic than I had originally thought it would be, but I guess it's kinda of like me in that respect. I don't post as often as I would like, and when I do, I write about whatever has grabbed my attention for the moment. My partner goes on about the attention span of an ADHD Gnat, or some such, to which I generally respond with a blah, blah blah :)

While I'm not nearly as erudite or loquacious as some of the folks you'll find in my sidebar, I do occasionally manage to get something out that catches the eyes of those who inspired me to try my own hand at writing.

I'll be going around for a week now poking my friends and saying"Didya see? Tam linked me ! :) "

Ah well, grab a beer and have a gander. I should have another Turkey hunting story out next week, hopefully more fruitful, as I'll be back in the woods this weekend, and it seems as if the conditions have changed and the turkeys are running like crazy :)

Once again, welcome and enjoy,


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Borepatch said...

Got to watch out for that - it can break your hit counter!