Thursday, May 13, 2010

Where things stand...

So, Turkey season is over, and I remained unlucky throughout the entire season. An example of my luck you ask? I hunt on public land here in SC, so when I head into the woods, I hike down an access road for half a mile or so, get off onto a 4-wheeler trail for a half mile or so, cut through the woods for a hundred yards or so to the remains of an hold hiking trail that hasn't been used in years which I follow for another half mile or so, then come of the hiking trail for a hundred yards or so to the spot that I was hunting this season. I always thought I was pretty far off the beaten trail, until opening day when I got walked up on by the hunter coming in from behind me where the private land is. Then on closing day, I'm sitting in my spot, sending out a few calls, maybe hearing some faint replies way off in the distance. Then I hear something odd, out of place, and quickly getting louder. Coming down this old hiking trail, that like I said, hasn't been used in the 6 years I've been hunting there, comes five joggers. Running full tilt, strung out along about a fifteen yard stretch, and yelling a conversation back and forth about the latest episode of who did who, on whatever pay channel they all have. I sat there dumbfounded for a few minutes, as every critter within a few hundred yards of the trail took off for more remote areas, and then I packed up and headed out. On the way out, two more groups of joggers went by, on of which had somebody with some sort of MP3 player with a speaker, blasting music out while he was jogging!

Seriously, what are these people doing in the woods? It's not like they're experiencing nature or anything, running full tilt, yelling at the top of their lungs, or blasting music. I recall thinking they'd be better off jogging in a city, or better yet, on a jogging track, instead of being inconsiderate to anyone and anything that might be in the woods. Of course, I also recall thinking I should fire off a shot just after they passed where I was, just to see how many of the manly little men in they're 'running' outfits, would wet themselves :) But that's it for this Turkey season, maybe next year.

The eye is healing up. Still not 100%, but I think the vision is at about 20/60 or 20/40. There's still a little divot in my eye which is slowly growing back, but until it does, there's no way to correct the vision, as the light is refracting through the divot that is right over the pupil, which distorts things. The distortion is really only noticeable with bright spots, such as lights at night time, and letters on pages. The letters look like some sort of Arabic writing when I close my left eye. And of course, raindrops on the windshield, which get blurred and comma shaped in my vision, plus refract light in their won way, really throw the vision off. Most of the time though, it's just a slight blurriness in my day to day vision that comes from one good eye, and one not so good. We'll see how things end up eventually.

Last week, I was buried in paperwork trying to get ready for court, and was unable to go out in the field with my partner, Goose. Consequently, on the one day we're not out together, he gets mauled by a pit bull. Luckily, it's not to bad, a few punctures and lacerations, all confined to the left hand, and he's well on the mend, though restricted to desk duty for the moment.

Sadly, even though it's only about an hour and a half away, I will not be making the NRA convention in Charlotte, nor the blogmeet that Breda is getting together. It really sucks, as I don't know when there will be a group like that this close again, but I just can't get the logistics to work out this weekend :(

Looks like I'm still employed for the moment, but with forty-seven or so days to go in the fiscal year, we still have no idea what our budget will look like, or if we'll have to let anyone go. My wife's agency has already given them notice that they will have ten days of mandatory unpaid furlough next fiscal year. We're likely to get that as well at a minimum. On the upside, I've already lined up a small part-time job, and a somewhat permanent basis that starts next month. It will only bring in fifty or sixty bucks extra a week, but there's minimal time involved, and every little bit helps. I've also got a line on a floating, fill-in position that pays really well, if only sporadically, and it'll be great if that works out. Who knew kids were so expensive? :p

Speaking of that, home today with the little one. Was at work, pounding away at the never ending black hole that is paperwork, when daycare called and said she was throwing up, and I'd better come and get her. Both kids have been a little under the weather, but that has just been a cold I think. This is some sort of stomach bug going through the daycare.

Hoping to take the kids to the zoo this weekend, and maybe get together with the guys for a bit. Hope things are going well for you all out there.

Take care,



Rev. Paul said...

If it ain't one thing, it's another. Glad to hear you've got some things in the works to keep yourselves afloat. Take care.

Borepatch said...

Joggers are out of season up here, this time of year.