Tuesday, September 16, 2008


So I'm giving my 2-year old a bath last night, and in the middle of it, she sticks her two fingers up her nose. Not far enough to plug them, just barely in there, and starts breathing heavily through her nose. It makes this odd rasping noise as the breath rattles in and out. I'm struck with the similarity to a noise I can't quite place, and then AHA! I have it!!

I jump to my feet, strike an imperious pose, look down at my daughter, point my finger at her and proudly declaim...


(blink - blink)

My daughter looks at me like I'm crazy. I hear the faint tinkling of laughter from the living room as my wife makes the connection between the breathing and the declaration. I of course, begin humming the StormTrooper march, and my two year old is still looking at me like I'm just a little on the odd side(this from the one with her fingers up her nose).

When we finish up, and I'm walking back into the living room, my wife is like "you're such a geek!" I'm all, "Hey, you recognized it too!" :P




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Completely off-topic here, but I saw your question regarding Pratchett's Discworld novels at Tam's blog, and followed your comment link here looking for your email address. Alas, none to be found.

I've got a chart listing the Discworld novels and the suggested reading order I can email you. Drop me a line at baboonpirates2 (AT) gmail (DOT) com and I'll send it.