Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Saturday Shooting

Got together with a friend for some shooting Saturday afternoon. Nothing fancy, no ranges or shooting galleries, just some empty cans balanced on an old deadfall tree out back of the house. He was shooting 9mm out of a Glock, I was shooting .22LR out of my Heritage Arms Rough Rider, a nice single-action revolver. It's no Single-Six, but it gets the job done.

We each shot a hundred rounds or so, killing many nefarious cans, then resurrecting them to be killed again. I let my friend take a turn with the Rough Rider, and got a good laugh out of that. He's not really a revolver kind of guy, and I think this was the first time he'd ever shot a single action. As his first shot plowed into the dirt, he turned and said.."This thing has no trigger pull". Hehe, it's a single action revolver, they assume that once you cock that hammer back, you're planning to shoot something with it :) But seriously, it's a great revolver for someone working on getting rid of a flinch. There's no laborious pull to get a bang out of it. I often joke that if you breath heavy it'll go off.

Anyway, big fun shooting cans out back. Looks like I'll need to have a real gunsmith look at adjusting the sights. Even with the blade lined up all the way on the right edge of the rear sight, it still shoots down and to the left. Hope it's an easy fix, and it won't cost too much, as I just don't have the money for big fixins....

Hope your weekend was enjoyable too,


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