Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Another whirlwind week. We had the In-laws down from the "Commonwealth" of Massachusetts. They were here to see their grandchildren, and (and I quote)"those people they live with". But it was good fun all around. We took the kids out to a place called Hollywild. A sort of a zoo kind of place where they specialize in caring for exotic animals that have been used in movies, television, advertising, etc. There's even a petting zoo sort of area where the kids can feed little kibble to baby goats, a llama, some deer type critters, a few burros, and a Zonkey.

That's right, I said Zonkey. read about there HERE.

Apparently, they're what happens when a donkey and a zebra get together. Kinda of interesting, but a bit territorial. The big one kept butting the small burros out of the way to try and get all the food. Interesting looking critters nonetheless.

After that, was all of the family piled into the house as we had a birthday party for my oldest who was turning two. Add that into the fact that I was also trying to get yard work done, i.e. cutting some trees down to restore the view from the back porch, and still had to work my regular job during all of this wildness, and there just was not much time for anything else.

I've gotta get to work.


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