Saturday, March 28, 2009

Earthworm Invasion

It's been raining steadily here for several days now. I'm about done with rainy days, but don't want to complain too much, as we definitely need the rain. We're well below where we should be on rainfall the last few years, and have been in some stage of drought status for several years.

In addition to the grey, rainy days bringing out the melancholy in just about everyone, it's apparently bringing out the earthworms as well. I'm not an expert on worms or anything, but I'm assuming the ground is just too wet for them at this point. What that means for me is a veritable minefield of worms on the front and back patio.

It's really kind of disgusting. You can't hardly step out of either door without squishing a worm. There was even one hanging from the chest of one of one of my dogs yesterday when I got home from work and went to let them in. I guess he was lying on the back patio, and one got stuck in his fur.

It's kind of odd. Normally, worms don't phase me a bit. I dig them up to use for bait when fishing, or will dig some up and transplant them to an area of the yard that needs some help, and where I've just spread some compost or mulch or whatnot. However, and I'm assuming it's because of all the rain, this massive invasion of earthworms seems to be made up solely of slimy worms. Hehe, even just typing it I felt my upper lip curl in disgust as I recall pulling the slimy worm off my dog's chest.

It's really kind of gross. Anyone else seeing anything unusual because of the local weather?


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