Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Thoughts on the Zombocalypse

Kind of joking around with a friend about the Zombocalypse, after seeing the wonderful Zombie targets for range practice, and had an idea. Now, you'll have to work with me on this, as it's a bit of a stretch, but just suppose, the zombies really do attack...

First off, most folks subscribe to the head-shot school of thought when it comes to zombies. Head-shot equals zombie down right? However, consider that when the zombies come, they don't come alone, or even in pairs, it's usually large groups or hordes. With me so far?

So I started thinking, and remembered a study done by the NYPD and FBI jointly(if I recall correctly) that took place after an NYPD Officer was stabbed to death by the knife-wielding suspect who was actually already dead, and just didn't know it. The Officer had done as trained, and placed multiple shots(I believe the final tally was 7 shots) center mass. The subsequent autopsy revealed that the first shot fired actually destroyed the suspect's heart. However, the suspect was still able to close the distance, and stab the Officer multiple times, resulting in the Officer's death.

The study was long and involved all sorts of stuff, but what it boiled down to, was establishing a 'safety' zone. I don't remember the exact terminology used, but they determined that a subject who is aggressive, and moving, can continue to move a certain distance and complete his goal, even when enough damage had been done to kill the subject. Hence their recommendation that once an aggressive subject breaches that 'safety' zone, the shooter should switch from a center mass point of aim, down to a pelvic girdle point of aim. I shot into the pelvis, that breaks the pelvic bone, puts a suspect down, because without a socket for the ball of the leg bone to fit in, it can support no weight. Hence the subject should drop to the ground because his body if physically unable to remain in an upright posture.

So, what does this have to do with zombies you ask? I was thinking of zombies, when the faint tickle of rememberance brought that study to mind, and I kind of meshed the two together.

If you put the zombie down with a headshot, the zombie is down, and no more than a low impediment to other zombies. However, if you change your point of aim to a knee or pelvic shot(which you should be able to do if you're taking head-shots anyway) then you not only have slowed your target zombie, but possibly some other zombies as well. Your target zombie is still going to be flailing and trying to claw his way towards his goal(most likely you), and if he's in the midst of other zombies, will be clawing on them, trying to pull himself forward. Causing a slowdown of the general zombie horde, and bringing them together in a knot of undead, especially if you target your zombies at a natural or manmade chokepoint.

With a large group of zombies, now slowed an piling up on each other as the injured tries force his way forward, you can set down your rifle in favor of more area of effect weapons. Grenades are always fun, but kind of rare if you're not active military. I'm not sure of the effetiveness of incendiaries, such as molotov cocktails, against the undead, but that would be an opportune time to test the theory out :) Also, even though I know I have never, ever, made any sort of IED out of firecrackers, or gunpowder and CO2 cartridges, or anything of that nature, and I'm sure you haven't either, I'm given to understand that such things could be made, and might make an effective weapon against a knot of undead flesh.

Anyway, just a thought that came rambling down through the old brainstem. Hope your zombie plan is a good one ;)


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