Thursday, March 19, 2009

Old and out of shape....

Getting old just plain sucks. To be honest, I'm not even that old. Pushing 40, but still doing good. I'm not really carrying a bunch of extra weight. I've got a little bit of flab, but am dead in the middle of the charts for weight range at my height. I don't look like some cut young athlete or anything, but I don't look like a couch potato either.

A couple of days ago, it was pointed out to me that looks are most definitely not everything. I've slowed down a bit, but still move around pretty regularly. I don't have a regular exercise routine, but probably end up walking a little over a mile every day just running back and forth between our offices.

The other day we had a Code call come over the loudspeakers. One of ours was assaulted by an offender in his process of resisting arrest and fleeing the scene. We all sprint out of the door, and take up the foot chase. Across the parking lot, down a steep embankment, up a hill through the park, down through the nice shopping district downtown surrounding the park, and over the river. Ended up being about a mile and a half foot chase before we were able to get the guy into custody with the assistance of the local City PD.

This experience has really pointed out to me how badly out of shape I've let myself become. About halfway into the chase, at about the end of the long incline coming up out of the park, my calf muscles felt like half melted jello just sloshing around on the bone, with my skin being the only thing keeping them in place. I made the chase, and though huffing and puffing, was there and in place when some of the younger guys and the PD drug the guy out of the river and put the cuffs on him.

Two days later, and I'm still sore. My calves only hurt a bit that first day, but my thigh muscles are still aching. I've also learned that it is possible to overwork whatever little muscle that is on top of your foot, going up over the ankle. I apparently stretched those a little more than they were used to when I went down the steep embankment, because they ache, and really get my attention when I try to walk downhill now.

Ah well, we got the guy in the end, and made a point to everyone who saw any part of the chase. To those who might be on the wrong side of the law, they saw definitive proof that we won't stop until we get you, even if you go sliding down steep hillsides and splashing through rivers. To the law abiding citizens who helpfully pointed out which way the guy was going, we also demonstrated that we won't quit when someone is out there that threatens their safety.

It was a good chase, that ended well, with nothing other than a few scratches, and some thorn rips in pants for everyone involved. It showed cooperation between our agency, the local PD, and event a unit or two from the local Sheriff's office showed up to assist. Good times all around, and great stories to share when we're allowed to discuss details.

However, it points out that I'm no longer as young as I used to be, and can't just float along on my good metabolism keeping me thin. I'm actually going to have to get off my bum, and start getting some exercise.

Casey (aching in Carolina)

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